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Meet The Most Fertile Woman In The World With 44 Children

Fertility is the ability or the natural capacity of a woman to conceive in their womb to reproduce their own kind. In Today’s article we will look at the woman with the record of the most fertile woman on planet earth who has 44 children.

She is in the person of Mariam Nabatanzi. Mariam is a Ugandan and is 42 years of age, I know people will wonder how someone can be 42 years now and have 44 children. This woman has proved to the world that it is possible.

According to Mariam, she was given out for marriage at the age of 12 and was able to conceive and give birth to twins the following year. 5 more sets of twins followed making 12 children and then followed by 4 sets of triplets taking the total to 24 and with the last five sets being quadruplets, summing up her total children to 44.

This implies that out of a total of 15 pregnancies this woman Mariam Nabatanzi had a total of 44 children with all the single pregnancies giving her at least 2 children. Out of these 44 children, 6 of them have passed away tragically with 38 of them left.

Mariam’s husband left her alone with their 38 surviving children some few years after they had their last child. This thrown her and her 38 children in poverty their 4 room cramped houses built with cement blocks and roofed with metal sheet.

At age 40 she was told by her doctor to halt having more children and focus on taking care of the ones she have already. The doctor said she had very large ovaries and even when placed on birth control pill can affect her health so he had to cut her uterus.

According to doctors she had a case of genetic predisposition to hyper-ovulate, that is to say she releases multiple eggs in one cycle and that increases her chances of having multiple children.

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Mariam Nabatanzi Ugandan


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