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Theft robbery

I stormed the campus with knife and plier to collect 'alumi' robber plays hide and seek with CID

The entire people of Assin Central Municipality had strongly jumped into a wild jubilation this morning after the District Divisional Police Headquarters nabbed and detained a a bulglar known as Hitler.

According to the information gathered by the police CID, Mr Rauf, he was alerted previously on an attempted robbery at the St Andrews SHS campus.

Per the statement he took from Samuel Allotey, the Senior House master of St Andrews SHS, Allotey lamented how the robber known by the name as Kelvin Owusu aka Hitler broke into the campus per the information fed him with by the Chief Security Mr Kyere John at exactly 3:25 am on Monday 29th March 2021.

Since Allotey was the Senior House Prefect, he was the first person the Chief Security alerted

Mr Asante Tweneboah the Assistant Headmaster Domestic and one of the senior Teaching Staff member known as Arrow were all there when the robber was brought into the forecourt of the New block.

The Chief Security who nabbed Hitler is identified below as he did a good job to safeguard the people

The robber found himself there to steal as it was evidentially clear with the kind of tools he brought in that were knife, Cutlass, plier and a wooden ladder but he had twisted the issue with a fabricated story, Allotey claims.

The CID boss had tried to convince such robber with the evidence and the reality on the ground but Hitler still stood by his words that he jumped over the wall into the girls dormitory just to seek scrap metals and broken plastic materials.

According to the words of Hitler, they were four people who sneaked themselves to smoke weed at the far end of the walls of St Andrews SHS and afterwards, Hitler jumped over the fenced barbed razor wired electric fence to land on the School premises.

To his utmost dismay and surprise, he was spotted by the Chief Security, Mr Kyere John who cautioned Hitler to lie down or face his wrath with the weapon he was holding as a Chief Security.

Hitler calmly heeded that call and lied for the other security men to intervene and grabbed him and positioned him close to the new block.

The CID after interrogated him, ordered that he should be sent to the back of the wall where he stood and jumped in whiles he was handcuffed.

The case has been prepared and forwarded to court where the Judiciary service are to adjudicate the matter base on the evidence at hand.

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