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People Of Achimota Pleading For The Provision Of Street Lights

The people of Achimota are pleading to the government to provide their roads with street lights. Their plea is that at night seeing is really difficult, infact when night falls then it is total darkness over there.

Because of that robbery and accidents, are more likely to happen. Also it is dangerous for the students over there, as there is a senior high school stationed at the current location.

The people of Achimota wish that the government should help provide their roads with street lights, so as they may see in the dark and also to reduce the rate of robbery and accidents.

Also the people of Achimota are saying that at times when there are no movements of cars, then there is no light. I mean total darkness, it becomes impossible to see where one is going.

Their only plea is that if not for them, then for the students. Because a kid can get lost in such darkness, or maybe worse things can even happen. So the government should provide them with street lights.

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