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Police Have Arrested The Armed Robbers Who Allegedly Killed A Lawyer

I hope you've heard of the lawyer that was allegedly killed on his way to a location in the Savannah region.

If not, let me brief you first before I tell you what's currently going on with that issue. Just a few hours ago, the police were informed that an Accra-based lawyer was allegedly shot dead by unknown armed robbers in the Savannah region.

It was reported that Richard Badombia, together with Lartey, Bambodia, and others, were on their way to the Savannah region when they were suddenly attacked by armed robbers. 

Though the armed robbers told them to stop their vehicle, in self-defense, they decided to speed up to avoid these armed robbers from getting hold of them. Though they were able to move away a bit from the armed robbers, some unfortunately happened.

Richard Badombia, who was the driver and the lawyer, was shot to death. Due to that incident, the car lost control and went straight to hit a tree on the roadside.

Seeing this made the armed robbers flee from that scene because they couldn't open the car's gate and the dog late Richard carried was barking back at them.

According to the latest report from Inspector Owusu Agyekum, who's the Director of the Savannah Regional Police, this was his story about that tragic incident. Some suspects were rounded up, and we are still carrying on with the investigations.

"We are still looking for one man, but we have three people in our custody," he said during his interview on 3News.

According to him, these armed robbers were four in number, but as of now, three of them have been arrested and they're on a mission to get hold of their other partner.

Many people are still wondering as to why the deceased lawyer, Richard, took his dog along with him.

This was what the inspector had to say about that as well: "The man lives alone, so when he is traveling to his hometown where he will be out for three days, he has to carry the bull dog along because there is no one in the house to feed the dog and not that he carried the dog along for protection."

Let's hope the late Richard Badombia's soul rests in peace. Let's hope the police get hold of the remaining armed robbers.

Be vigilant!

Thanks for your time.

As always, "we see differently".


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