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If you cook with a gas stove, stop doing these 6 things It may lead to explosion.

Gone are days we cook using firewood, charcoal and stones. In this modern world gases are mostly used in cooking even in our home. The reason why gases are mostly preferred is because they are cheaper and faster as compared to the other source of heat.

Gas stoves became more common when the oven was integrated into the base and the size was reduced to better fit in with the rest of the kitchen furniture. At first Ignition of fire of the gas was originally by match but now, most of the gases made are automatic.

6 things that must be stop when using gas.

#Do not fill the gas full to it brim.

This is one main factor that may cause a gas to explode. Filling gases to it brim may put more pressure on the valve since the molecules of the gas may need space to relax since they are closely packed inside.

Also heat gets to the fuel tank also and if the fuel in the tank is full up to the brim, the fuel tank begins to expand due to this pressure. This is very hazardous cause it can burst the tank open if it is too much or at least, it would weaken your fuel tank.

#Avoid the shaken of the gas cylinder.

Ghanaian are very funny in a way that they shake the gas cylinder to check whether or not if the gas have exhausted or not. Gaseso operate under their normal pressure do not force the gas by turning it upside down and rotating it will do them no good but cause explosion.

#Wrecked inner valve or rubber tube.

The inner valve and tube of a gas cylinder plays a very important role, they prevent leakages and force the gas to stay in it's boundary. Having a depleted valve may cause explosion if care is not taken.

You can check whether or not you valve is at fault or not by consulting the people at the gas filling station.

#Keep the Gas cylinder straight at all times.

Gas cylinders are not generator tanks, you don't need to bend them to access gas. Bending them could allow the gas explode due to velocity and contact between gas molecules.

#Do leave the flames unattended to.

This is the mistake most people do that result in explosion . So ladies can leave gas flames burning until they chop their whole meat that will be used to cook. Avoid these habit is very bad.

#Do not keep the gas cylinder inside the house.

It is of no use to keep gas cylinder in the house . Gas cylinder must be distance from the burner so that in case of any leakage it could be detected before explosion.

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