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Top 11 Luxurious Prison Cells in the World

Prison Cells That Are More Luxurious Than Your Home

Severe punishments, badly maintained cells, not any good food without any taste - this is the experience one goes through in a prison and the purpose is to make them realize and reform during their period in Jail and ensure that they do not want to come again to the doors of the Jail premises. But there are some prisons around the world that, despite being legit prisons, are the exact opposite of what I just described. Below are 12 prison where inmates are allowed to live luxurious life.

Bastøy Prison, Norway

Bastøy Prison is a minimum-security prison on Bastøy Island, Norway, located in the Horten municipality about 75 kilometres south of Oslo. The prison is on a 2.6 square kilometre island and hosts 115 inmates who, within the prison complex, enjoy luxuries like tennis, horseback-riding, fishing and sunbathing. With tasteful cottages to house them and lush farms to work on, the prisoners at this minimum security institution probably often forget they're prisoners.

HMP Addiewell, Scotland

HMP Addiewell is a prison located near to the village of Addiewell in West Lothian, Scotland. This prison is operated by a private company called Sodexo Justice Services and contracted to the Scottish Prison Service. The prison holds adult males who have been convicted as well as those being held on remand. Prison Addiewel alloys each of its resident inmates 40 weekly hours of productive skill building. With a special focus on helping inmates transition back to civilian life in a purposeful and fulfilling manner, Addiewell's 700 prisoners are sure in good hands.

Otago Corrections Facility, New Zealand

The Otago Corrections Facility (OCF) is located near Milton in the lower South Island. The facility was opened in 2007 as a regional prison with a capacity of 485 prisoners. While its security measures are not taken lightly, Otago provides its inmates with comfortable rooms, and attributes great significance to change through skill building. Holding classes in light engineering, dairy farming and cooking among other things, Otago strives to rehabilitate effectively.

Justice Center Leoben, Austria

The Justice Centre Leoben is a court and prison complex in Leoben in Styria, Austria, which was designed by architect Josef Hohensinn and was completed in November 2004. With 205 inmates, the prison is fully bookedA quaint European residence for non-violent offenders, the Justice Center prison gives each of its prisoners a single cell, with a private bathroom, and kitchenette, plus a television. All that and their fully-equipped gym, basketball court and outdoor recreation area would make for a considerably cushy sentence, if you ask me.

Champ-Dollon Prison, Switzerland

Previously infamous for overcrowding, the newly refurbished residences in Champ-Dollon boasts of spacious triple-occupancy cells that include an attached bathroom. Ample facilities such as these allow the inmates to feel less like prisoners and more like university dorm-mates working together towards rehabilitation.

JVA Fuhlsbuettel Prison, Germany

Fuhlsbüttel is an urban quarter in the north of Hamburg, Germany in the Hamburg-Nord district. It is known as the site of Hamburg's international airport, and as the location of a prison which served as a concentration camp in the Nazi system of repression. As a result of boundary changes, JVA Fuhlsbüttel prison is now in Ohlsdorf, Hamburg.This Hamburg prison is home to many long-serving inmates who enjoy spacious cells that have beds, a couch and a private shower and toilet along with plentiful natural light. Among its many facilities, JVA Fuhlsbuettel provides its prisoners machines to do their laundry and access to a conference room and a recreation room.

Sollentuna Prison, Sweden

In Sollentuna prison in Sweden, inmates have kitchens to their own meals, and can watch TV on their own couch and a fully loaded gym to stay in shape. This correctional facility houses its inmates in private cells with comfortable beds and attached bathrooms..

Halden Prison, Norway

Halden Prison is a maximum-security prison in Halden, Norway. It has three main units and receives prisoners from all over the world, but has no conventional security devices. The second-largest prison in Norway, it was established in 2010 with a focus on rehabilitation; its design simulates life outside the prison. Among other activities, sports and music are available to the prisoners, who interact with the unarmed staff to create a sense of community.Surrounded by ample greenery and natural light in plenty, Halden is called the most humane prison in the world for a reason. Every inmate enjoys comfortable quarters with relative privacy. Skill-building classes, a rec room stocked with TV shows, movies and video games, a fully equipped gym and an actual functioning musical recording facility make this prison every long-serving inmate's dream.

Aranjuez Prison

When the husband or the Wife gets indicted of some felony, the most affected person will be the children who are left behind or taken care of by a single parent. If both parents are imprisoned then the child will be homeless and alone.But not if the crime is committed in Aranjuez, Apain the parents can share their life as normals in the dormitories of the prison. For parents, this one is the best as the children will be around you with your partner - the only condition in the prison is that everyone should attend the roll call in the morning and evening. With such a place only a fool or crack will escape the place.

Cebu Prison, Philippines

Cebu Prison in Cebu, in Cebu Province, Philippines. It is a maximum security prison facility with a capacity for 1,600 inmates. The prison became well known for its rehabilitation program in 2005-2010 based on a program of choreographed exercise routines for the inmates.While Cebu Prison may not match the luxury standards of the aforementioned facilities, they have championed the cause of inmate recreation and creativity. Inmates at this correctional facility indulge in singing and dancing to a selection of musical numbers. Not only do these prisoners perform for civilian audiences, they even sign autographs.

San Pedro Prison, Bolivia

San Pedro prison (Saint Peter's Prison) is the largest prison in La Paz, Bolivia and is renowned for being a society within itself. Significantly different from most correctional facilities, inmates at San Pedro have jobs inside the community, buy or rent their accommodation, and often live with their families.Certainly not the hero of luxurious prisons, but San Pedro belongs on this list for its one-of-a-kind in-prison community set up. With self-appointed leaders, and entire neighbourhoods homes and families, with businesses and cafes, this may be the most unconventionally comfortable of all the world's prisons.

Pondok Bambu Prison, Indonesia

While a luxurious lifestyle comes at a price - corruption - the Pondok Bambu prison is a women's facility fully equipped with everything from air-conditioners and refrigerators to karaoke machines and nail salons. Beauty treatments and recreational classes in this complex full of gardens and sculptures would be undeniably comfortable.In this prison inmate who wanted to upgrade their prison lifestyle could give the warden and his staff expensive "gifts" cash, cars, so on, in exchange for all the luxuries they could fit inside their cell. For the stuff that couldn't fit, they can always spend their afternoons on the other side of the prison walls, just as long as they promised to return.

I really hope our country could have a prison like this. Hey please, I wasn't planning on breaking any laws, but it would certainly help to know that if I did, I'd go to a prison that won't keep me from my privacy. Hehehe... 

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