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A Ghanaian Man Manufactures a helicopter; Watch him fly it in this Video

As the world moves with time, things keep on changing. Inventions upon inventions. The word technology has come far that, everyone is now trying to come out with something new.

It is hardly seen in Africa that a person is able to invent his own machine. But there have been some of them who have been able to manufacture theirs. A key example can be found in Ghana.

A video circulating on social media shows a Ghanaian man who has manufacture a helicopter and tries to fly.

He made his own helicopter out of scraps. He uses a motor to sin the fan on top.

He tries to fly the copter but something seems wrong somewhere. This is preventing the plane to fly as expected by him and everyone.

This is a great move and attempt by a Ghanaian man.

This video was seen circulating on social media last Monday.

For you to also have a look at it and confirm, I the video is also included in here for you to watch.

What can you say about this move by the Ghanaian man?.

Below is a video of it.

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