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Do you eat canned foods? Know about botulism and how to avoid it.

Hello fam,please welcome and follow for more.Do you like taking can foods? Then it's about time you learn to put some major health guideline into place to avoid contacting botulism.A lot of people buy foods when they are in abundance and store them for use when they are scarce.some people can them while others put them in a jug.Each of these practices can go a long way to cause food poisoning when they are not managed well.

Botulism is a paralytic infection that affect the nerve and progress to the extremities. This infection manifest its signs and symptoms 12 to 36 hours after taking the contaminated food infected with infectious agent.The person infected will show sign of diplopia(double vision ) and Disphagia( trouble swallowing) ,weakness,Dizziness,Blurred vision,abdominal pain,sore throat and vomiting. The gags reflex and the papillary reflex will be depressed. The reservoir is the soil and the animal intestines.

When you see any of these symptoms,induce vomiting and faeces and rush the person for hospitalization and monitoring.Administer anti toxins after hypersensitivity test. Thanks for reading.

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