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Woman jailed for 19 years for murdering her husband at Kumasi

Woman jailed for 19 years for murdering her husband at Kumasi

Jane Danta has been given the sentence she never asked for, for the murder of her husband Mr. Danta on the 4 of February 2020. Jane on the 4 of February, attempted to take the life of her husband twice, before she was successful on the third time. She made plans to hand a fruit juice to the husband, but the man did not drink. She again served him water, and the man still didn't drink the water, and finally used her child to trap the husband, by giving the child a poisoned milk, and the husband ignorantly tasted the milk that took his life. 

Mr. Danta who married his wife Jane in 2008, had three children with her, which two are abroad and the little one lives with them, until the death of Mr. Danta. Mr. Danta was the curious man who made enquiries and served the wife with everything she needed, even before she asked for it. Jane was given monthly allowance to keep herself healthy, styled and house keeping allowances too. Every month, Mr. Danta gave his wife not less than GH¢3,400 for the house running and her upkeeps. The two children abroad, were not living on Jane's allowances but on the husband. Jane was a salary worker but the husband still paid her to make sure, she had enough to maintain herself happy and resourced. 

Mr. Danta operate his business from China, and distributes his containers across. He had few challenges in January 2020, which saw his business going down and losing so much in profit. Jane blamed her husband of seeing another woman, when Mr. Danta didn't provide her with enough money from November 2019 to February 2020. She had thoughts of someone sharing her husband with her, and she was right from her investigations. She traced the husband's movements and found out, Mr. Danta had been meeting someone at a hotel in Nhyiaeso. 

The woman in question, was a business partner who had come from Austria to transact a business involvement with Mr. Danta, and she was been housed at a hotel, which Mr. Danta met her every morning and evening. The morning was to check on her, and pick her for their day's activities, whiles the evening was to drop her back to the hotel after their day's activities, and have dinner with her before going home. Throughout the business partner's stay, Mr. Danta barely ate from home, and that added to Jane's suspicions before she made traces to her. 

Mr. Danta said goodbye to the business partner on the night of 3 February, when he dropped her to the airport to take her flight back to Austria. He came back very late because of the journey, and didn't go anywhere on the 4. He rested from his long trip to the airport, and his stressful meetings in taking the business partner around. Jane took the position of her husband been home on the 4 February, and tried three attempts on his life before he was able to complete her mission. She was certain her husband wanted to leave her for that woman, and wanted to stopped him before she looses everything she has worked for with the man. 

She served him mixture of poison and lemon juice, which the husband usually takes for his health, and the man refused to drink the juice. The juice kept been on the centre table for one hour, and the man never touched it. Mr. Danta requested for water, and Jane still poisoned the water too, but a phone Mr. Danta got, made him abandoned the water and get on the phone. Jane gave her daughter milk and warned the little girl not to drink, and send it to her father. 

Mr. Danta was on phone, when the daughter sent him the milk, tapped his legs and the man thought his daughter was been kind to him. He never knew that, the wife has sent her to finish the job for her, Mr. Danta died after taking the milk and Jane sent him straight to the mortuary before informing everyone. Family investigated the issue, and found traces of the same substance that killed Mr. Danta, from reports of his autopsy. The family took the matter up and Jane was arrested on the April 19 2020. 

She was remanded for six months on April 23 2020. She was brought back to the court again on October 15, and was given four months of another remand to help investigation of the case. Jane was rearranged before the metro court this morning, where she pleaded guilty to three counts of murder. Attempting to murder the daughter by giving her the poison to be given to her father, and two counts of manslaughter on the husband. She was given 19 years, after she pleaded and cried for mercy. Her judgement starts today, with immediate effect, whiles provisions are been made for the daughter to join her elder siblings abroad. 

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