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Here Are The Only 2 People in The World Who Can Never Be Arrested No Matter The Crime They Commit

If managed to attain power to the extent that you are exempted from arrest even if you commit murder, how would you feel about that? Without any doubt everybody will be very happy to enjoy this privilege but the sad truth is that it's not for everybody.

However, with the latest research been carried out, it turn out to be that only these two people that will be mentioned in this article are the only two pe3in the world to enjoy this privilege.

This indicates that, with sovereign immunity, they can never be arrested or detained in their own country where they rule, and it also means that they can never be arrested or detained while diplomatic immunity still exist even if they go to any other country around the world.

Both of them could even be free of arrest if they are found guilty of murder, so it would mean they can't be arrested even if it happens. These two persons enjoy what we refer to as crown immunity because of their position, which indicates that they are above the law and are not subject to be challenged, because they are the law.

Meanwhile, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II of England is the first person together with her husband Prince Phillip. So why are these people above the law in the first place? That's exactly what am about to explain here.

Regarding Prince Phillip, his case was found just a few days ago when his Range Rover was involved in a head-on collision with a vehicle close to Sandringham. In the UK and even other countries in which she exercises her rule, the immunity of the Queen comes in that way. It is imposed in her name and thus considered the foundation of all justice.

The judgements given by the judges at the court is given in her name so if any case comes up against her it means she's doing a case against herself. The law also states that the Queen does not have any police interview, that she cannot testify in court. There can be no arrests in any palace of the queen. There can be no arrests wherever the Queen is.

However, this also extends that if you are standing with the queen no matter the crime you commit you can never be arrested. The queen is therefore essentially regarded as the law and therefore you cannot use the law against the law.

Prince Philip, who is the husband of the queen, also has these privileges because he remains the husband of the queen and cannot therefore be arrested or detained as well.

Even in the United Kingdom all the prisoners are under the mercy of the queen, so she has the power to forgive anyone she wishes. Anyone in the palace, including her family can be arrested, but the Queen and the Prince cannot be detained or arrested.

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