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Massive Reactions As A Coffin Designed In A Shape Of A Mansion Surfaced Online

In Ghana, citizens do not joke with funeral ceremonies. It is the final rite which is performed for a person. Since it is the final rite performed to honour a dead person, many people spend a lot of money in order to get the funerals of their love ones nicely and successfully done. Some people go to the extent of even borrowing from banks and other financial institutions just to fund the funerals of a relative or a love one.

It has now become a trend for people to go in for "strange" coffins just to bury their dead ones during their funerals. We have seen some types of coffins carpenters are manufacturing nowadays and it only leave us wondering. Today, we have chanced on a picture of a coffin which is currently trending on social media. This coffin has been designed in a shape of a mansion.

See picture of the coffin;After this picture surfaced on social media, a lot of people have reacted to it. Many people have wondered as to why the carpenter decided to make a coffin like that. Other people have also praised his creativity in making such a coffin.

Check out some comments from people;

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