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Video: " End Time ", Young Girl Fights Her Dad In A Video Which Has Surfaced Online

Some children of today seems not to have respect for the elderly again. Although it is stated in the Holy Bible that, as children we have to respect our parents to the maximum, it seems some children of today don't seems to obey this particular scripture.

In a video which has currently Surfaced on the internet, a young girl was recorded exchanging words with her dad who gave birth to her. In an attempt to beat her, she also decided to defend herself by using a stick she was holding to hit her dad mercilessly while her dad also lashes her with his belt before two young guys came to separate them.

Although what brought about this misunderstanding between then hasn't been known yet, I think parents should consider how they treat their parents although children are to respect them. Also, parents should find alternative way of punishing their wards rather than just beating or whipping them anyhow like animals.


Content created and supplied by: DominicEdi (via Opera News )

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