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'Dumsor': Can 'Dumsor' Be Solved By Any Government In Ghana?

Hello, fellow readers, we all know "Dumsor" to be something common in the Ghanaian society, "Dumsor is simply the breaking of electricity flow in the country, dumsor is a Twi word, meaning" on and off", "Dum" means off whiles "Sor" means on, so adding it gives you Dumsor, on and off. This power surge or power cut is something normal but in the reign of Mahama as President it got a bit worse because they were working on the project, this issue continued until today, when President Akuffo Addo came into power he also made a promise to solve this problem in order to give the country power without any problems, yet the problem is still the same.

GRIDCO, a company in Ghana has decided to give power to some communities, therefore releasing a time table to show when and where they might give a blackout, because what they are dealing with is very dangerous and so need to protect the electricians working. The late Professor, Allotey said he had a way to help the country solve this problem, but it was declined.

The government can't solve this problem, because they have different things to deal with therefore having less time to deal with it, therefore, I suggest, great engineers should be consulted to suggest possible ways of solving this problem.

Let us check out the timetable, this timetable shows that the power outage might be or will be for 12 hours with every group experiencing theirs on a different day.

The question is, how can dumsor be solved in the country?, I don't think it can be solved by any government, we need ideas and skills of people that will lead this to an end, what then will be your opinion.

Thank you for your precious time you spent reading, May the Almighty bless you.

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