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Civilian's Attack The National Police Force With Claims Of Inefficiency And Lack Of Confidentiality

Even after the arrested of four suspects believed to be involved in the costly bullion van attack at James Town in Accra, concerned citizens have attacked the police force with claims of inefficiency.

The names of the four suspects have been released with a majority of them falling under the age of 27. Confirming the arrest and pictures released by Daily Guide, the Ghanaian police force noted it's authenticity as they added that the suspect was arrested a long distance from Kyebi in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

One of the apprehended suspects is currently receiving treatment after a gunshot wound in a vain attempt to escape arrest.

Meanwhile, here are what some had to say about the whole situation, as ghanaians took to facebook under the verified page of Ghana police as they expressed their thoughts.

Joseph Boateng

Great job!

"I know you are doing so well. But the confidentiality part is honestly our major problem. Civilains 'fear' to assist the police force, because we don't want to be attacked or killed".

"A large number of the citizens are willing to give out information, but they are afraid they will be sold out, publicized".

Richard Kwashie

"Nonsense. you asking the civilians to support you. But you are in court testifying against protesters who want this country to be fixed (#Fixthecountrymovement). your stup*dity as an institution is legendary".

Mawududzi Parish Ghuy Qwarblah

"Well done Mandos!",

"As we continue to play our parts as patrotic citizens, more arrest pertaining to these stuffs/robbery will be made soon!

"God be your strength. Ghana police".

Atta Paul DeRighteouz

"Well done! You're really fixing the nation".

Joseph Classpeter

"The masses are always ready to support police operations, however, the question is how friendly is the police to the masses? What measures have you people - the police force instituted in regards to public relationship/relations as far as your operations are concerned? He continued;

"Where is the community watch dog policy-whistle blowing policy, you people/the police force spoke about in time past, Have you enforced it?".

The above quoted statements were also made as citizens attacked the police force despite a well done job. However, what are your opinions concerning this issue?

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