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Woman Misses Death After She was Sacked from Work

A testimony broke out today at church involving a woman called Madam Gloria. She came out gladly to present a testimony to the church after she has asked for prayer requests from the pastor and the prayer group on Friday for prayers in relation to her job.

She works as a petrol attendant, or to say it shortly, she was employed to sell petrol and diesel at a petrol station to cars and motors that need it.

Disclaimer:(This is not her picture, but something to portray her possible mood)

She reminded the whole church about the prayer request that she has made concerning her job. According to her, she was just called on Wednesday into the office by her manager, and was fired without any explanation. She could not understand the reason for which she was sacked, and so, apart from seeking the face of God through prayers, she has also fallen on certain prominent people in the area to appeal to the manager for her. She has explained that the pastor assured her to relax as God would take care of her situation.

After praying for God to intervene in her affair that Friday, she went home expecting a good report only to be met by bad news the following day, on Saturday.

She clarifies that according to the schedule on which they work as at the time she was sacked; she was supposed to be at work in the night on Saturday.

If she were not to be sacked, and was supposed to be the one that was on duty that night, she would have been the one who would meet her untimely death. She reveals that the person that was working on that Saturday died mysteriously in the night. She did not explain how the actual death occurs, but she said she has reason to believe that some people were involved since an amount of money was also lost from the office after his death.

Although she feels sorry for the one who has met with this atrocity, she glorifies God for delivering her out of the hands of death. Now, her request for her job back has turned to glorification for God.

Sometimes, we may not understand the works of God till later.

I hope this gives you hope that all things work out for good no matter what you are experiencing. Give me your thoughts as we glorify God for her life.


Your Humble Servant, “Wysopera”.

Content created and supplied by: Wysopera (via Opera News )



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