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Welcome Home: Nana Agradaa Finally Reunite With Her Family

Finally, self-styled fetish priestess, Patience Aseidu who is popularly known as Nana Agradaa has been granted bail and has reunited with her family.

According to reports, she was asked to go home and report to the police on a timely basis after her rearrests by Reverend Obofour.

Even before the second arrest, Nana Agradaa was in the custody of the Ghana Police Service for operating two television stations without a license.

She had to spend the weekend with the Police following her detention. There are most Ghanaians who were praying for the Police to keep Nana Agradaa forever and not even think of releasing her.

They believe Nana Agradaa has been deceiving the public for many years and her time was up. On the part of Mr. Kennedy Agyapong for instance, Nana Agradaa should have been jailed for many years to serve as a deterrent to others.

He has also accused Nana Agradaa of trying to bribe him after an interaction. There was also news that a huge crowd of people has besieged the premises of Nana Agradaa to demand their monies after reports of her bail went viral.

Most of them have been duped with a promise of receiving multiple money which never came. But for the family of Nana Agradaa, her bail is good news for them.

Her absence might have affected their lives. For her kids, the news of her arrest was a great source of worry for them.

Her return home will obviously bring some happiness to the entire family. It will also be the time where Nana Agradaa will reunite with her family and reminisce on whatever has happened.

It will also be a time for the family to share a good meal together and plan for the way forward. A file image that has been spotted has Nana Agradaa with his children and husband smiling for the camera.

The presence of a mother could be felt in the family. Whilst Nana Agradaa is happy with her family, she should also know that her case is still pending trial.

She should also be ready to welcome the numerous Ghanaians who might throng her house to demand their monies.

Others may also decide to make a complaint at the Police station to further compound the pending case of Nana Agradaa.

For now, let’s all welcome Nana Agradaa back home as she reunites with her family.

Content created and supplied by: BeaNana (via Opera News )

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