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Road Accident

The poor condition of Adom Tewbabi Abisase road

Roads are needed in any developing country to make transportation more accessible to various parts of the country. Without good roads, transportation of goods such as foods from various farmlands in rural areas to various markets throughout the country will be a major issue, as farmers will be unable to obtain cars to transport their products to market as a result of drivers unwilling to travel on bad roads, resulting in food shortages.

Accessibility to decent roads also aids in making travel safer and more enjoyable, as well as making travel more efficient. People who work long hours would be able to identify and work at more distant locations where their employment are located without concern of being late to work, allowing businesses to accomplish greater production time and so boost productivity.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in all parts of the country, as certain areas lack road access. Some roads are in poor condition, with several potholes, while others are completely devoid of asphalt, as is the case with the Adom Tewbabi Abisase road in Berekum.

Adom Tewbabi Abisase road in is so terrible that drivers find it difficult to drive on it, especially when it rains. There is no asphalt on the road, and the gutter ditches built beside the roadways have not been completed, causing the clays on the road to be filled again when it rains. The contractor who was awarded the road contract had not been seen in some time, but according to reports, he was recently seen on site with some workers.

Some drivers expressed their dissatisfaction with the road's delay, while others expressed their concerns about its progress. One driver stated that instead of completing the Berekum road from one point to another, they do not do so. Instead, when the contractor begins work on one section of the road, he does not complete it and simply leaves it unfinished before moving on to another site.

One "okada" driver expressed gratitude to God for the contractor's arrival, and expressed optimism that he would finish the job this time. Some have also claimed that the road's potholes make it impossible for a pregnant lady to travel on. Watch video here

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Adom Tewbabi Abisase


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