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Road Accident

Bus Driver Spotted Chasing A Taxi Driver With A Knife (Photos)

As humans as we are, there are times that someone may do something to annoy us but it is always best to overlook the bad things that are done against us. Mostly, we come to the realization that some things are not worth fighting over or dragging long arguments about but rather we have to settle every form of disagreement between our friends, family and friends and ourselves. This is crucial since forgiveness is one step to fostering old bonds between people that have their bonds broken by interpersonal fights or conflicts. One has to always learn to calm down no matter the circumstances at hand.

There is one bus driver that has been spotted chasing another taxi driver with a long knife while they were both driving on the highway.

From the pictures that my team and I got hands on, it appears that a bus driver had pulled out a knife which we are sure if he had the chance, he would have used it to attack the taxi driver. Funny enough all of this was happening while they were both driving. The bus driver moved closer to the taxi while he was holding the weapon in his hand, but he eventually backed off and gave chance from the taxi to drive off.

The exact reason for that act remains a mystery to everyone. It may seem as though the bus driver just felt the need to threaten the other driver.

Take a look at the pictures from the incident and the knife that was pulled out.

Why do you think a person will do such a thing. Feel free to share your comments.

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