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Road Accident

Car Wash Attendant, Rams a Vehicle into a Luxury Building

An unknown man sent his vehicle which is known to be Mercedes Benz to a washing bay at Nigeria and left immediately after parking the vehicle.

The car wash attendant wasn't having any soap to wash the Mercedes Benz so he sparked the vehicle and went on an errand in search of soap.

While driving in search of the soap, he mistakenly rammed the Mercedes Benz into a luxury building.

Unfortunately, part of the building collapsed while the Mercedes Benz has been destroyed beyond recognition.

The Car wash attendant has landed himself in a very big trouble as he has collapsed someone's building and also destroyed his customer's vehicle.

According to comments by the eye witnesses, they are claiming that, car wash attendant are fond of using customer's vehicle as their personal use.

The car wash attendant is now confuse and he don't know what to do because his monthly payment can not refurbish the building and also buy a new Mercedes Benz as a replacement of the damaged one.

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