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Jealous gay man stabs his lover for cheating on him with a female at Kasoa

Friday 15th October, 2021.

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The Kasoa New Market Police Department detained a gay couple after one inflicted cutlass wounds on the partner's right hand over alleged cheating.

Prince Nyator, 22, and Evans Amoah, 23, are the suspects.

According to police sources, the two work at Kasoa New Market's same restaurant.

Prince discovered Evans was having an affair with a female while denying him (Prince) sex, according to Kasoa Market workers who observed the stabbing. Prince was prompted to stab Evans as a result of this.

Evans told Adom News in an interview that he had been doing the practice with his teacher since he was in senior high school.

They are currently being held in police custody in order to cooperate with investigations.

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