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Five Streets Boys Attacked Me And Forced Themselves On Me While I Was Pregnant, I Lost My Baby

Rebecca a mother of two has left people in tears after she narrated an ordeal that happened to her leaving her in pain. According to her story, the mother of two was attacked by a gang of five street boys who forced themselves on her leaving her infected with HIV.

In Rebecca's story, her parents divorced when she was a small child, and her mother married again, but the new husband had no feelings for her, thus she was kicked out to the stree tand she became homeless.

She later met a man who was also living on the street, and they moved in together after renting a house. However, things got worse when she became pregnant and her husband left her. She gave birth to their child alone in the house.

Two months later, Rebecca claims she called her mother who came to take the baby away from her and forced her to live on the street again. She then got pregnant again from one of the street boys.

A group of five street boys attacked her when she was nine months pregnant and forced themselves on her. She went into labor and delivered a dead baby. While she was still on the street, a man approached her and they married, so she became pregnant again.

It was her mother who returned the child to her after she gave birth, but she couldn't afford the rent, so she now lives with her sister because the man's first wife returned after she gave birth and chased her away with her baby.

To help pay for the hospital bills, she's enlisted the help of well-wishers. She says her son can't speak or hear, so she wants to take him to hospital for proper treatment.

Source/ photo credit: Uservoice TV/ YouTube

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