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54-Year old man self arrests his own sons for allegedly plotting to murder him

Life is really sweet and I have not served my purpose yet said Mr. Amankwa who owns Amankwa and Sons Electricals at Sunyani. Mr. Amankwa believes his children Sylvester and Kobi 24-year twins and their Tawiah 21-year old man are making ways to out him from earth. According to Mr. Amankwa, his children has been acting silly and unpredictable lately to the extent that they do not contempt of what they have.

Mr. Amankwa has been acting as a father and mother when his wife passed on in 2010. He has through hardship brought up his sons to be adults. He was blessed to have three children of whom all are males. He set up his own business after the departure of his wife so he can have time for his sons. It was through this enterprise of his, he has been able to set up a life for himself and all his children. 

He started seeing differently how his sons react after one of their colleagues came back from Takoradi with his own car. A very powerful car in deed the car was. The children has been in constant eyeing of their friend who came with the car and ever since, they have been debating among themselves why haven't they also bought a car. 

Mr. Amankwa thought it was adult spirit to dream big but he became more suspicious after he found out the children have been planning to visit their friend in Takoradi. He overheard them this morning arguing about what they are all going to use their monies for when they finally get the money. He stood behind his counter at the shop and listened to them attentively. 

He tried coming out and immediately they saw him, they all started shutting up. He tried to ask them for details of their trips which is scheduled for 21 December this year and they all told him it was just a visit to their friend for Christmas, the one who came with the car. Mr. Amankwa called two of his shop servants and immediately, they were able to robe the sons up with cable clips.

According to Mr. Amankwa who has reported the situation to the Sunyani Police, he believes the children are planning to use him for money or whatever desires they have. He has heard a lot of stories about young ones getting rich and he suspects the friend who visited his sons, to have manipulated them into following him to get money. 

He handed them over to the Sunyani divisional police command to help him interrogate the children further so he can know their exact mission on how of getting the money they have been talking about. The children has since said they were not in conversation of any money talks but just admiring the car their friend came with to their house from Takoradi. 

Mr. Amankwa cannot stop the children from going anywhere but he is afraid the children for the love of money will not know what they are getting themselves into. Police officer Agyemang in charge of the case told me, they have just started interrogating the twins and their tawiah and cannot be specific if the father's allegations towards them is true or not.

They themselves will know when they end the interrogation. Their aim is not know the friend and where in Takoradi he is so they can trace him and find out which business he does to acquire such life. 

Mr. Amankwa hasn't made the case a criminal case yet and the children will be released after the police interrogation. According to him, he just want the police to help him know the source of income of the friend his sons have planned to visit so he does not lead his children into any sinful act.

He is very sure that the friend whose only name given was Tunchi is into some kind of bad organization and it's trying to influence his children to join him. 

He cannot protect his children because they are mature and can make their own decisions but if he can find out the truth before them, he will feel at ease for his life. 

He believe if he doesn't arrest the children and finds out, they will use him for something without even knowing they have used their father for it.

Content created and supplied by: RockyJDJones (via Opera News )

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