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Painful Story Of The Young Who Died After Falling Down From A Building While Fixing The Window

Death is one of the price that every living Creature must pay, regardless of how influential, Famous and popular you might be in the Society. Death to some people is inevitable, as there is no man that is Immune to death. In as much as we all shall transit onto glory someday, it is our solemn Prayer that none of us shall die Prematurely.

There is a Painful story that has virtually gone viral across all social media platforms, where a man who is believed to be in his early "40s", has Reportedly died after he fell off from a building while trying to fix a window.

According to the information gathered, the identity of the young man is yet to be made known to the general public, but the painful thing is that, he died upon landing on some iron attached to the fence inside the compound.

It was gathered that the young man must have been making efforts to fix the damaged window, when he mistakenly fell off and landed on the fence part of the building. Unfortunately, the irons pierced through his body, and he died at the spot.

However, a look on the clear photo of the young man shows that he is likely to be a young artisan, who is hustling to make ends meet through his work.

The exact location where this Painful Incident, was not made known by the Source. But irrespective of that, we pray that the Gentle Soul the deceased shall rest in Peace.

Below are the comments of some people grieving over his deaths:

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