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Why So Many Crimes In Ghana Now.

A picture of young boys who killed 10 years old boy for a money ritual.

why so much fear in Ghana nowadays.

A lot of things are going on here in the country that have been putting the majority of people in fear.

A lot of scandals have occurred currently that make it unsafe for us. What do you think can be the reason;


I have concluded that the following are the causes of rampant crimes in the nation 


 ★ Peer Pressure

This is a new form of issue in the current world. Many young people commit crimes because they see a lot of their peers engross in such deeds. It is common for peers, of the same age, going students to engage in drugs, weed, marijuana, and a lot more. Young age is very critical since one isn’t filled with knowledge and experience which is why a lot of people make the mistake of becoming criminals for no reason at all. Most youths who don’t have a strong will to neglect or confront minor criminal acts often end up getting involved in big troubles. Unfortunately, many young people in this country (Ghana) don’t realize that they’re doing multiple criminal acts by being a part of things they aren’t supposed to be. A typical example is the Kasoa murder case. Therefore peer pressure is another notorious reason

 ★The influence of social media.

One of the most major causes of the crime rate here in Ghana is the Media ( Television Station, Radio Station), and other social media platforms like Facebook, and Twitter, etc.

This is because some pastors and fetish priests always calling the people to come for fortune, They always in another way around telling the youth that there is a short way to get wealth. Some Mallam will send you messages claiming he can help you get money, travel, etc. All these at the end they ask you to bring part of the human body.


Do you know that 6.80% are unemployed according to the 2020 unemployment rate by trading Economics? It is frustrating after one failed to get a job after years of completing Tertiary school or some vocation (skills).

Due to this, most people find themselves engaging in some criminal acts like robbery, killing for money rituals, etc.

 ★The society.

 Societal norms and standards have constantly been topical. We live in a day and generation where fortune is respected more than relationships and a normal standard of life. In the lane to prosper; many folks fail to build a demarcation between their needs and wants. Also, we live in a society where even schools, religions are teaching children to earn money instead of realizing its value. Therefore the youth find any means to become rich overnight, Money rituals ( Arakawa)

This is a picture of a shrine showing people to come for power and wealth.

 My fellow readers, you will all bear with me that this reason can be also why there is a lot of crime rate in our mother nation Ghana.

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