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Police Clashes With Apam Youths, Shoots Some Of Them

Apam was in the news some couple of months ago. They were in the news due to the drowning of some teenagers who went swimming.

Apam Junction is on of the best routes many drivers use.

Vehicles keeps on knocking people at Apam junction due to overspending and many more.

According to the youth, they have informed their DCE and Member of Parliament about the said issue but it seems it does not yield any fruits.

They explained that most of the people who are normally killed are children and adults.

According to the youth, there is a saying that heaven helps those that help themselves, therefore they decided to make speed-ramps so that they can at least decrease the rate of deaths at the area.

The Ghana police service wanted to stop them with the claim that it is illegal so they should put a stop to it.

It became a misunderstanding between the youth and the police which developed into conflict between the two sides.

The police started opening fire on the youth which according to them, they taught it was rubber bullets at first until they saw themselves bleeding.

A victim at the hospital narrated his story that after he was bleeding profusely, the police took him into their vehicle. Even though he was bleeding, they continued hitting him with their syick.

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