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Just in: Fearless criminal storms Catholic Cemetery for Human Body Parts.

The man in the picture above is the fearful and fearless criminal who storms the catholic cemetery in Mprando for human Body part of which he could sell to earn more money. He has been identified as Addofo and he live in Mprando Community for a very long time.

The people in the community always lament on how criminals will go to the cemetery to dig out the dead bodies after their burial. In fact this has been a normal routine and the youth have decided to stay awake to caught one so that they could use he or she as an escape goat.

It was not too long when the Catholic Church in that community buried a member of their Church at the Catholic Cemetery in Mprando. As a result the people were very vigilant to see if any man or woman will venture the tomb of the dead again.

Their trap and their guess really works and it was proven that a man by Man Addofo as said early storms the Catholic Cemetery with his tools including Pickaxe and shovel to remove the dead body. But he was not luck at this time so a man saw him through his window and started to video him in the whole process.

The recorder further approach Addofo at the site and question him while he is still recording. As a result of their argument, Addofo ran away from the Community leaving his Old Mother to be questioned. The leaders of the Community added that he have done a great calamity and the community needs to be pacified before anything can go on well.

This is very sad to see and we urge the youth in Ghana to say no to criminalities and other unlawful practices. Angel TV confirmed the news this afternoon 9th August 2021.

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