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Road Accident

Road accidents can be reduced by these assigned Agencies, know what they actually do.

 The Ghana Society of Road Traffic Injury Prevention (GSIRTIP) is an NGO whose purpose is to reduce road traffic injuries in Ghana. They work to reduce road traffic accidents by promoting road safety awareness and advocating for policies which reduce fatalities. 

The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) was founded in 2004 with a vision of providing a safe, secure, efficient and sustainable road transport system for all. It acts as an advisory body to be involved at the policy level. It also responds to major incidents and advises on how they could have been avoided . 

There are several organizations working to improve road safety in Ghana. They include the NRSC, Ghana Association of Transport Businesses, HOTB and the GSIRTIP


Gezuah: A midwives association, which focuses on providing information on maternal health and maternity services. Its objective is to reduce infant and maternal mortality from poor quality birth care, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and maternal complications . 

Medical Professionals Organizations: 

The Open University of Ghana (OUG) has a road traffic safety program that teaches students about road safety so that they can become more responsible drivers. The topics discussed include driving licenses, registration of motor vehicles, road traffic laws, vehicle safety measures and emergency services. 

The purpose of the program is to offer continuing professional development (CPD) for healthcare professionals working in Ghana as well as medical students at the OUG. 

The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa has been working to improve road safety in Africa through its initiative called "Decade of Action for Road Safety". This initiative has been implemented by all 53 African countries since 2010. It was created with the intent to reduce road fatalities by 50% before 2020 .  

The Decade of Action for Road Safety initiative focuses on a number of target areas in order to reduce road accidents. Some examples include: 

The World Bank is working with the Government of Ghana in order to ensure that road fatalities are reduced. In 2013, the Government of Ghana adopted Vision 2030, which aims to improve economic growth and social development . 

In 2015, the government's budget for road safety was GH₵54 million. The World Bank has contributed US $40 million to help improve road safety in Ghana by upgrading roads and bridges, improving traffic enforcement and education and providing emergency services such as ambulances services . 

The World Bank has also given GH₵2. 8 million to the Ministry of Health in order to improve maternity services. Ghana's maternal health indicators have improved from 76% in 1995 to 90% in 2013 . 

The World Bank has also supported and funded a road safety program called "Road Safety, Risk Reduction and Dignity for Road Users". This program was established in partnership with the Road Safety Unit of the Ghana Health Service. Its aim is to reduce road casualties and increase road safety awareness.  

In 2012, the Ministry of Health requested the World Bank to assess Ghana's road safety situation. It was found that out of every 1000 deaths, one death occurred on a crowded road. This resulted in a failure rate of 12.5%. The most dangerous roads were located in Accra, Cape Coast and Kumasi . It was also discovered that 2 out of 3 road users in Ghana were not wearing seat belts . 

The Government of Ghana has formulated several strategies targeted at reducing fatalities on Ghanaian roads . In 2017, the government's budget for road safety was GH₵48 million . It includes funds for anti-collision barriers and infrastructure such as bridges and roads. It also includes funds for traffic control and the country's road police force . The 2007 Road Accident Fatalities Report of the World Bank indicated that there were 3,682 road deaths between 2000 and 2006. The numbers had dropped to 1,658 in 2011. In 2010, there were 4,032 road deaths in Ghana. Over the period between 2000-2010 however, the total number of road deaths has dropped from 3,700 to 4,032 .There are also preventable factors that contribute heavily towards the reduction of road fatalities. The main ones include seat belts and drinking while driving . In 2010 alone 261 people were killed because they were not wearing seat belts .  

The World Economic Forum and the UN have created a report called "The Global Road Safety Report". This evaluation was created in order to identify what policies have successfully reduced road traffic crashes. The report uses data coming from countries all over the world . Data used in the report comes from sources such as the World Health Organization, WHO, International Road Federation and International Transport Forum . 

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