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Exclusive: How To Save Yourself From Payslip Fraud- CAGD

According to the Controller and Accountant General Departments, the E-Payslip system is an intelligent system designed for workers to have easy access to their payslip. 

You can access your payslip from anywhere either on your mobile phone or any computer with an internet connection.

A payslip is a piece of paper given to an employee at the end of each week or month, which states how much money he or she has earned and How much tax has been taken off.

However, a lot of workers get home with small money in their pocket at the end of the month all in the name of cybercrime and internet fraud.

Check below the guideline for all government workers on GoG payroll;

1. Never use your phone number as your E-payslip.

2. Never use your date of birth as your E-payslip password.

3. Never use your name or names as a password.

4. Do not use repeated numbers as passwords.

5. Let only trusted people check your payslip for you.

6. If you open your payslip on anyone’s phone make sure to loge out before handing it over.

7. Generate the Mandate form yourself and give them the code or let a trusted person do it for you.

8. Never trust the loan and insurance officers with your staff ID and password.

9. If it becomes necessary to give out your details to generate a mandate, do well to check the mandate history.

10. For financial security's sake, teachers ought to take loans for business.

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