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So Sad: Beautiful Lady Commit Suicide After She Was Wrongly Accused Of Stealing By Her Family Member

Depression is real my brother and my sister, so one should be very careful the way one talks to people or handle people because you don't what is going on in the person's head. If you just speak bad words to a person who is depressed, you might e sends the person to his or her early grave.

And just to prove my point let look at the post drop by a popular blogger on social media. And according to the post drop by the blogger known as Instablog, a beautiful lady commit suicide after she was wrongly accused of stealing by a relative. They also revealed the chat between the lady and the family members who were believed to have accused the lady. 

However, many may think that why would she kill her life only what is believed to be a minor matter, but when you are already fed up with life, something so trivial can trigger what is believed to be big. So my message is to very brothers and sisters out there, please be careful the way you deal with people and most especially the way you talk to people. May people not die due to any decisions we made in Jesus' name.

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