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Road Accident

Misfortune; as a cargo car loaded with goods fell.

   While most car accidents are the result of driver negligence, there are also a number of accidents that happen each year because of bad roads and missing or incorrect signage.

There are a number of unsafe road conditions that are likely to cause accidents. Among them are potholes, missing barriers and guardrails, missing or confusing signs, uncleared ice and snow, faded or poorly painted lines, and unannounced changes in the road surface (e.g., uneven lanes).

The Volta River is a one of the biggest artificial lake in the world, it's being surrounded with about four(4) regions in the country including towns and villages. People around this water body harvest fishes and other aquatic animals as food and also sell them too. Also people use the lake as a means of transportation from one town to another.

Misfortune hits the people of Dambai in the Oti region of Ghana, as a cargo car loaded with goods fell along the bank of the Volta Lake.

This happened, when the cargo car was trying to set on a ferry usually known as a pantoon to cross the lake from Dambai pantoon port to the other end of the lake. But badly, due to poor ground at the bank, one side of the vehicle's tyre sunk and fell along the bank which has led to damage of goods.

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Volta River


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