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Meet the extraordinary boy born with a 'tail'.

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A few percentage of people are born into this world with extraordinary features. Meet the 8-year-old boy, Dulha, who was born with a 'tail'.

He lives in India. At first he faced severe criticisms and ridicules from people. Honestly speaking, it's absolutely weird to be born with a 'tail' protruding from your back.

This boy has endured all forms of abuse all his life. Residents used to call him a 'wizard'.

However, a dramatic twist has changed the people's perceptions. It's now believed that the boy might be a blessing from their gods.

Currently, Dulha is been worshipped by his own people. People from other places also come to render sacred services to him. He's been treated more like a god. The people in his area now call him a 'monkey god'.

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