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Residents rejoice as National Security arrest 494 Nigerians

Residents rejoice as National Security arrest 494 Nigerians 

The four northern regions have been celebrating this morning as the security task force adhered to their plight and arrested over 504 people which over 95% were Nigerians. The northern sector of the country from December 2020 was made the hub of all criminal activities as natives and residents complained about all kinds of crimes. From Kumasi to Tamale was a difficult place to enter at dawn or night as robbers used that route to destroy passengers and stole from them. From December to March, a total of over 70 robbery cases was heard and investigated but many culprits were never caught and arrested. 

Ibrahim who is a dealer in iron rods on three occasions in two months was robbed of his high earned money after days and weeks of works. Many women also complained of more attacks from the market as robbers met them at vantage points and took away their monies. Car garages were not spared as car hijack became so serious in the northern regions. They had not seen such high crimes in such a manner as what was been witnessed from December to March. 

People could not even park their cars without going for security or another person to watch for them the least chance saw the car been driven away by thieves. Alfred who is a garage owner had four of his cars been stolen and up to now, nobody has seen those cars. They were all parked in his garage whiles they went to their various homes to rest last month. They came back and all the heavy cars had been stolen from the garage and trackers destroyed. 

Natives have been complaining to the police for so long and nothing was been done on the situation until this morning when the security agencies teamed up to arrest a total of 507 illegal immigrants which they believe are the cause of the recent problems in the region. The team which was made of National Security Operatives, the Ghana Police, the immigration service and the military took all the four northern regions by surprise as they initiated a simultaneous arrest at the same hour.

Whiles the officers in Upper East was arresting, Upper West, Northern and Savannah regions were all doing the arrest at the same time. They had pinned their intelligence on all their activities before making the arrest. The security intelligence shows that these immigrants, made up of 494 Nigerians including 6 females and 13 Burkinabes entered the country from April 2020 through unapproved routes lying in the Northern part of Ghana.

The operation, leading to the arrest, was mounted as a result of concerns raised by residents of the Upper East Region on the influx of foreign nationals who engaged in criminal activities and other fraud-related crimes (scams) such as Q’Net in the area.

The illegal immigrants have been processed for repatriation. Meanwhile, profiles of the Nigerians among them are being shared with security counterparts in the Republic of Nigeria, to ascertain whether they were part of the announced jailed breakers.

Landlords who give their houses to illegal operatives to use as their abode of operations will be arrested as compliance with a crime. The authorities are thereby calling on the public to desist from giving their houses and properties to illegal immigrants who enter the country to commit all kinds of crimes. Any landlord or landlady found to be housing illegal immigrants will be arrested and processed to court to face their crimes. 

Content created and supplied by: RockyJDJones (via Opera News )

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