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Theft robbery

Accra robberies: Man narrates what actually happened at robbery scene at Weija on Joynews.

One of the issues trending these days is the daylight robbery. For some days now, there have been robberies that were captured by cameras in Accra. People are really talking about this because they think the country is no more safe since armed robbers can just appear any time and take money from people and then leave without going through any difficulties.

This video dropped on the social media where a certain private car was robbed by armed robbers. Watching the video, they took a bag from the car and left with their bikes. This happened at Weija. Just recently, Joynews visited the place to interview people about how the scene happened in their perspective.

According to this old man, he was just in his shop when this car stopped. All of a sudden, two bikes appeared from nowhere with these armed robbers. They had their masks on and that, no one saw their face. They started throwing shots randomly. That is, to the ground, to the sky, creating a fearful atmosphere for the people around.

He continued that one entered the car and took the bag from it and left the scene. According to this man, from how it happened, it is clear that these robbers followed the car from where the money was withdrawn. For him, something could have been done to help delay these robbers so that the police would meet them but due to the shots, everyone escaped.

In conclusion, this man advised that whenever a huge amount like this is withdrawn, we should call the police for them to assist us to our destination and that would help reduce those crimes.

This is what was declared by this man on Joynews. Please like, share and follow for more of these stories. Thank You!!

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