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Camera Coffin Sets Social Media Buzzing, Check Out Full Pictures

Social media is buzzing following the picture of coffin made in the shape of a camera. It has garnered trend for the past hours. 

Many have expressed surprise as to how they were able to manufacture it, although this is not the first time seeing a coffin of such form. They wondered how the manufacturers managed to put it together. Varied views are pouring in since the post was made about few hours ago. 

In time past, some prominent people have been buried in a coffin made to represent their career or an economic activity they were involved in.

This coffin of a camera was made to represent that of a Nikon camera.

The man may have led a legacy in the area as a photographer. This may have motivated the family to opt for a coffin of this nature. 

The bereaved family is mourning, but the coffin in the shape of a camera has attracted massive attention. After paying a final respect to their family members, answers could be provided as to why they decide to go for this coffin. 

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