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It’s not our faults- Armed robbers reveal and make another surprising reasons for their robbery

Another group of robbers have been caught by the Ghana police service. This follows a recent robbery case at the western region where the Ghana police had no other option than to haunt these criminals down. The Ghana police aside working hard to keep the country safe have also been seen working hard to eliminate these crimes from other communities.

The Ghana police have worked very well in the past few weeks and it’s relieving to see them do this great work once again for the country. Since they put their lives on the line almost everyday, police officers in the country need the maximum support they deserve.

Today at Takoradi, a number of about six robbers have been apprehended and from sources and current reports that’s circulating, these are thugs who have done more of these things and have robbed on several occasions and in several towns.

They’re allegedly having a gang name and are known for car robbery to be precise. They have invaded the houses of several taxi drivers and have stolen vehicles form taxi stations and many other places where they have found their vulnerable victims.

They’re believed to hail from Effiakuma in the Effia Kwesimintsim municipality in the western region. The young men robbed a 2021 registered Toyota taxi and sold it at a very cheap and unimaginable price. People are surprised as they cannot understand the reasons behind these robberies is they will later treat the things they’ve stolen this way.

Why are they robbing such expensive items and selling them at these prices. When the young men were arrested earlier with the crowd on them, one of the thieves said it’s not our faults, the system is hard (the economy is tough). But this is not an excuse to steal vehicles belonging to people who have worked hard to earn what they have. This is an advice to all the young men out there especially to have love for work. Because in these times, no one is ready to lose his or her assets and the least of your punishment when caught is years of your life wasted in prison. Kindly share and create awareness.

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