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A Mother Tearfully Reveals What She Found In Her Breast After She Came Back From Work

A mother of three called Anita who is 39 years old tearfully narrates what she found in her breast after she came from work one evening. According to the woman, she is a trader who sells second-hand clothing at the market. A few years after she got married to her husband but they began to have problems concerning her stepchildren.

She had one child with her ex-boyfriend before marrying the man. He too gave two kids with another woman but they all agree to take care of their stepchildren. After they went to stay together her husband brought his two kids to live with them but he denied her the chance to also bring the child she had with her ex-boyfriend.

Due to problems they were facing they got divorced and parted ways. Anita added that she continues with her trading to support herself and the kids. She started experiencing pains in her breast afterwards but she didn't take it seriously and continued to sell her clothes. Six months ago she came from work one evening but she found a small lump in one of her breasts and she became suspicious about the change in her breast.

Anita said she went to the hospital and the doctors diagnose her with a breast tumor. She was asked to pay Ghc800 for immediate treatment but she couldn't pay that amount of money due to financial difficulties. She was then given medication to reduce the pain. Still, she continued to go through a severe pains everyday, her family members helped her financially to see a herbalist who assured her that he can help her recover from the illness.

Anita went on to say that she applied the herbal medicine to the breast but her condition got worse as the days passed. It got to a point where she couldn't go to work as she used to cater to her kids again. The mother says she has no money to seek medical treatment so she is pleading with the general public to help her financially to seek medical treatment.

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