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Sad News: 17 School Children Die After A Trailer Walked On Them On Their Way From School

This is one of the sadest news as many people keep shedding tears on social media. There are many a time moments when parent leave their children to walk home after school which sometimes become very risky. Parent must try their best to go and pick up their children after school to make sure they are safe or devise other safe means of getting them home. 

According to a sad video on social media, a lot of people were spotted in shock as they could not believe what their eyes saw.

 According to the video, it is believed that at least about 17 school children have been reported dead after a trailer rammed through a group of students while they were returning from school. According to information, they died at the spot after the trailer rammed on them in Nigeria. 

Looking at the video, you would see that the trailer was set ablaze after it run over the school children. This has led to quite a number people sending very sorrowful emojis and heartwarming messages on social media to sympathize with the families of the deceased.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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Sad News


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