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Ga South: Over 40 Buildings Pushed Down In Weija Around The Dam

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Our lovely Followers, today we have brought to you a news straight from Ga South, a Town called Weija.

The whole issue on grounds is that, over 40 buildings have been pushed down by heavy machine. 

 Report from the authorities says that, the Weija dam is a major source of water to the nation as a whole. But here lie the case that, there are various kind of buildings around the dam. So when it rains and the dam becomes over filled, the water doesn't get a good path to flow away, but instead since the building have been built on the water path, the water tends to cause flood and kill people around the dam. 

They continued by saying that, this is the first warning to the people since they think the authorities cannot do anything to them. Per the authorities, they've given the people several notice to live the premise, but they don't want to.

One of the Engineers from the authorities named Mr. Felix Ofosu Tei, also added that, the Weija dam serves about 4,000 citizens in the country, In terms of water. So if it happens that individuals will be building along the dam, they will not tolerate it. So he said they gave a strong warning to the people that, should incase they sell a land for you in Weija and it's around the dam, just come to their office so that they can go and analyze, whether its at the right path or not.

He said, the worst thing that pushed them to carry the operation immediately was, most of the houses have laid their wash room pipes closer to the dam, which is very bad. 

He ended by saying that, they will be coming for the second time, so if you know your building is not at the right place, you better start parking and go and find a place to either carry your house away or look for a carpenter to dismantle everything in an orderly manner. Or else they will only come with a Caterpillar and push everything down, without you getting even a penny.

So our followers, this is the issue at hand. So should the Assembly give the people some amount before pushing the buildings down or what?

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