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Theft robbery

The daredevil nature of recent robberies speak volumes.

In times past, armed robbery escapades were in the middle of the night or generally during dark hours. Even common thievery was conducted nicodemously on the blindside of the general populace. One comes home and realises a TV set or stereo system and sometimes a few clothes on the dry lines have disappeared. The less sophiscated thief would avail himself to a mini feast with contents of your fridge and leave enough clues to inform you he or she paid a courtesy call in your absence.

Gone are the days when one was covertly dispossessed of his pocket and baggage contents and wouldn't realise till they got to your destination. The old Kejetia, Kantamanto and Makola market thieves were so adept at separating you from your belonging such that one was always in self denial as to whether they have become a statistic to theft or not. These were thieves but were gentlemen at heart who found it offensive if the slightest suspicion of their business was detected and deemed it a betrayal of their craft and an insult to their fraternity. These thieves I suspect found pleasure in achieving their goals without physically harming anyone. Same cannot be said of thieves in contemporary times.

During the past decade or two, armed men intent on robbing others of their possession have ventured into the light to conduct their business. When the madina social welfare branch of Ecobank was robbed in broad day light, a convoy carrying bullion( gold) was also intercepted and robbed, several highway robberies by armed men in broad day light occurred it meant a new chapter in armed robbery has been opened.

When robbers spent more than three hours in a town in the Ashanti region robbing and dispossessing one mobile money vendor after another of their cash, it indicated a fresh chapter had been opened in the armed robbery book.

Matters seemed to have come to a head when robbers began picking off policemen on escort duties. This clearly shows armed robbers in contemporary times have become overly daring and bold. This dare devil posture must be informed by something which needs to be unraveled. Otherwise it beats one's imagination to see armed men storm a forex Bureau located approximately 200m from the headquarters of the Ghana Police Service, 50 metres from the headquarters of the Ghana Prisons Service with the Headquarters of the Ghana National Fire Service close by in a hot afternoon and in a casual manner. Something is definitely amiss and needs to be unearthed.

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