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The current states of Aunty Deede Buses in Ghana

Ghana has numerous kinds of buses for transportation. The current popular buses in the country is the metro mass transit and the VIP buses.

Today let us look at the current states of the double decker buses which is popularly known in Ghana as Aunty Deede bus. This bus is a bus on top a the same bus. It can accommodate over 100 passengers at a time. The normal can take a maximum of at least 60 passengers.

Let us find out today if the buses are still working in Ghana and what is their currents states.

The operation of this bus was very successful over the past years where passengers love to sit in these buses to go to their various destinations. Most people loved to sit at the top decker of the bus as they believe it gives them must joy over there.

 Well the maintenance of this buses was the problem. It stopped operating for over 10 Years. Only few were operating. This was because the various parts of the repairs of the bus were not available. So the operation of the bus stopped. Well the double Decker bus has been revived again in Ghana.

The Ghana tourism authority has launched these buses again. This was launched at the month ending of May, 2021. This will create generate more income to the authority as most people to use those buses for their inner city travelings. This means these buses are expected to operate this year as tourism is the fourth biggest income generator to the country.

We hope to sit in one one day.

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