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Take A Look At The Most Spectacular And Magnificent Prison In The World

Prison is a particular place nobody will ever wish to be in their entire life, it is a place meant for punishments and corrections. Those who get there vow not to go there ever again. Whilst some prisoners across the world go through a lot in the prison, Norway's prison is not like that, their prison is the most magnificent and comfortable prison I have ever seen.

This unique prison contains about 100 inmates, the country has been able to establish lots of open prisons to help the inmates to acquire new skills to help them whenever they are released. The inmates are being transferred to the Bastoy Island.

A prisoner in Norway with good behaviour can apply to be transferred to the Bastoy prison but they go through a psychological examination to know if they want to escape or not before they will be transferred.

The Bastoy prison is a comfortable place with good accommodation, the rooms are decorated and designed and have all the gadgets including tv and good beds they need to make a better living, the compounds contain cottages and the big white building with nicely made hallways for the inmates.

Outsides of the prison include different buildings being used for different purposes. A public beach is found on the Island for the inmates, a tennis court, and plenty of places for fishing are available there.

The prisoners are offered different options for daily work, the inmates make their own choices of work they want to do. Some of them work as chefs and groceries managers.

Others too preferred to work on the farmland by raising cows, sheeps and feeding horses, some of the inmates too chose the mechanical work.

A good menu such as fish balls with white sauce and shrimp, chicken con carne, salmon etc have been provided for the inmates. If someone is being sent to this Island and never knew that it is a prison that person will not believe it.

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