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Road Accident

Burma Camp; Two bus stops, Congo junction and another near the traffic light must be controlled

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Ghana have witnessed alot of accident at the beginning of this year which has taken more lives and injured many as well. The government through all means have educated road users on how to avoid these accidents but it seems to fall on deaf ears. Some drivers seem not to abide by these road ethics thereby causing or endangering the lives of passengers and pedestrians as well.

Two well known bus stops, Congo junction and the other at the opposite lane are the two major stops where trotro heading towards 37 station and one that goes through Labadi, Teshie-Nungua and other places too lies. In recent times, vehicles just make a stop, pick passengers and leave in no time. But it seems it is now turning into a trotro station where some vehicles park on the pavement at the other side to wait for their turn to load passengers.

This on several occasions witnessed, nearly caused an accident when this vehicles which have fully parked themselves at this small car park and go to some extent park on this busy road and passengers whilst the rest also park on the pavement waiting for their colleagues drivers to whilst they wait for their turn.

We are pleading on the military high command as a matter of urgency to see to it and address this issue as quickly as possible to avert any future accidents since they are part of the security services and the road to lies just within an arms length in front of their main entrance.

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