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(Photos): These two guys were the reason fingerprint recognition was introduced.

These are two different prisoners: Will west, on the left, and William west, on the right. They lived about 100 years ago, were not related and did not know each other. But they are part of the reason fingerprint recognition was brought in.

Despite the similarity of appearance, of names, and of their measurements, the fingerprints of Will West and William West are not the same.

Will West, convicted of a minor crime, upon arrival at a Penitentiary in northeast Kansas, was informed that he was already in prison serving a life sentence for first-degree murder. Shocked the officials crossed checked the prisoner's information, only to find out that they were actually two separate individuals (it appears that actually it was another William west who was in imprisoned for murder. Same name and strangely enough almost identical facial features, but to much surprise to prison officials, two completely different individuals).

Formerly officials used a system known as the "Bertillon system" for criminal identification developed by a French handwriting expert, dedicated criminologist, and biometrics researcher Alphonse Bertillon. This system keeps detailed report cards for the inmates which includes a detailed description of the person’s face attached to it.

Today, thanks to these two unrelated yet identical inmates, the fingerprint analysis is employed by every law enforcement agency, in every country, the world over, so when required, they can pursue suspects and as a result convict them correctly.

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