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Road Accident

Rampant road accidents in Ghana

At times some accidents that occurs looks so awful. It seems each week a serious accident with death will occur, the question one may ask will be the causes and it will be attributed to physical and spiritual connections.

Physical concept will be based on bad roads, car maintenance and drivers as well as some passengers altitude. Bad roads are major problem here in Ghana, one may wonder the uses of some road tolls. Tema motorway have been patched like some fan milk bicycle tube which makes it unsafe when on it. Some roads like Ksi n Sunyani, Accra to Tdi and some we can name them.

Car maintenance to all drivers both private and commercial is a concern. Regular checks of brakes,engine oil, water etc are very important at all times. Some don't even have tool box, jack, good and quality spare tyre, extinguisher and more. I once saw one drivers spare tyre that looks like a Shaolin monk head.

Drivers and passengers altitude in quote some not all. Some are over confidence with the engine or speed of their cars hence practice car racing for fear of others life. Some drivers and passengers are in hurry to reach their destination for getting of their precious life. It will be good to reach your destination late than never or in a critical condition at the hospital. Report any drivers bad behavior at any police or security check points for caution or proper checks. Spare drivers are the major causes of most accident on commercial cars since he wanted to make annual sales per daily.

Spiritual concepts will be attributed to major vehicle owners who in terms or contract with other spiritual entities For annual sacrifice via accidents For blood to their spirits in connection. Be prayerful whenever you embark on a trip whether private or commercial.

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