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Angry Madina Youth Matches Police Boot For Boot In Attempt To Arrest MP; Journalist Receive Injuries

According to Atinka FM's political coverage Journalist Ebenezer Kewaw Madugu, he sustained bloody injuries on his left leg in his bid to cover the scuffle between the angry Madina youth and the police. 

According to Angel his report, it was dramatic when a peaceful protest against bad roads in the Madina Constituency turned chaos. The protesters burnt tyres in the middle of the road as the conveners (Madina MP and Youth chief) who were supposed to know better looked on.

In the bid of the Police to stop any unforeseen circumstances, they decided to arrest the conveners including the MP for breach of protocol. The angry youth resisted attempts by the police to arrest their MP. They matched the police boot for boot until the MP escaped.

They barricaded his vehicle with stones and sticks in attempt to wound any Police officer who makes attempt to touch the MP. In course, the MP had the chance to " run away " in his vehicle. 

Unforeseen the other conveners including the Youth chief were arrested. The injured Atinka TV's Journalist was sent to the hospital. 

Many people are of the view that the MP is not above the laws so he must be located and arrested at all cost.

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