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"He Wanted To Sleep With Me Through My Backside" -See What A Guy Was About To Do To This Little Girl

A young man probably between the ages of 20 and 25 years has been caught trying to sleep with a little girl. If you look at the facial expression of this young girl, she might be between the ages of 3 and 6 years old but she can talk well. One cannot tell how the people in the area caught this gentleman but according to one of the residents, they saw this young man and the little girl in a secret place. The young man tried to deny that he was not doing anything with the little girl.

Initially, the people taught that the young man wanted to kill the girl and used her for money rituals. However, the little girl spoke and explain what happened to them. The people asked the young girl whether she knows the young man and the girl said no. They then asked her what the guy was trying to do to her and she replied, "He wanted to sleep with me through my backside". All the people shouted after the young girl spoke, some said that they should beat him up and others said that they should send him to the police station.

The young man then started begging the people to forgive him. But some people said that this is not something they can forgive. He would have caused severe harm to the young girl if people haven't gotten there in time.

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