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Newest Scam Who regulates the social media and facebook

Social media is a platform for marketing and communications and making friends globally thereby creating jobs and opportunity for the teaming youth globally,but it is indeed very sad some unscrupulous youths are taking undue advantage of the unsuspecting victims to rob them of their had earn income.

It have been recorded in recent past how most unsuspecting ladies especially the Widows from Asia and Europe countries are swindle in the name of finding a life partner,it is also reported how some so called men's of God pray for this Criminals to be successful in their business,one will ask so who regulate our media?.

Interestingly this Scammers and Fraudsters are now on our National Television Stations,charmming and given out alleged leak lotto numbers for a fee,and currently doing send me I send you,ooooo what a country we have in Africa.could it mean that government is only interested in fight against tax evasion or prevention of the ordinary Ghanaian.

Media commission why must government go and borrow money whiles we have our country men's and women's who can charm huge sum of monies are we really serious as a country.Do something Government Do something.

Currently this bad nuts are using whites ladies pictures to entice unsuspecting victims on Facebook saying I have send you phones and laptop from the states and that the delivery agency will contact you once it arrives in your country,in a day of one or two you will received a call from same criminal impersonating the white lady , saying your luggage is at kotoka international airport awaiting clearance so kindly pay through Mobile money account number so your goods could be cleared and delivered to you.

Surprisingly with advanced in Technology most of this miscreants have an app on their phones that can do a video call as if the person they are impersonating is real where nudes pictures and others are shared and recorded without the victims knowledge,then they later on turn to demand a ransom,and failure to pay your nudes pictures are posted what a world of today.i hereby appeal to the general public to report anyone with leak pictures to the police,to determine the source he or she get it our page comment and follow for more details.

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