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Hero: Meet The 13-Year Old Boy Who Saved A 52-Year Old Man From Drowning In Kumasi Flood.

They say not all heroes wear capes. Which goes to say that not all saviors or courageous people have to be physically endowed. But in the case of Israel Ackah, a 13-year old boy from Kumasi, we can rightly say not all heroes are old.

52 year old Akwasi Akowuah, a taxi driver had attended a child-naming ceremony of an acquaintance at Ohwim in Greater Kumasi. After the event he decided to pass by another friend’s house since they had an issue to discuss. By then it had started raining but he decided to push through that notwithstanding. It was when he got to a stretch of road that he realized that it had been a little flooded but not dangerous per his estimation.

His car however got stuck along the way as the flood level kept moving up. His car started flooding up so the only option left was to come out of the sinking car and stand on top of it, with the hope of getting rescued before the car got carried away by the high pressure water.

After standing there for a while and realizing there was no help in sight and his car fast sinking, he jumped into the water as a last ditch attempt at survival. Unfortunately there was no proper footing so the water swept him away with death being the imminent outcome if he was not saved.

In came 13 year old Israel Ackah, who, spurred by the memory of a friend who died through drowning, sped off and followed Akwasi Akowuah and courageously dived just in time to get hold of the elderly man’s hand and pulled him out of the water with the support of another person. Israel had just saved a family man in a scenario where even stronger and older men were scared to attempt.

We celebrate the young king!

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