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'Nowhere is Safe' - Ghanaians 'react' as an incident of humanitarian catastrophe hits Western Europe

Reports from Western Europe confirmed dozens of countries were severely undermined by a catastrophe of humanitarian proportion. 

Western media reports say it follows after record rainfalls hit many parts of Western Europe forcing major rivers to burst their banks.

Meanwhile, 33 people were reported dead and scores of others injured. The flood also disrupted major infrastructure and schools have been shut down in affected areas in response. Rescue operation still underway to get people stark to higher grounds as weather experts warn, more heavy rains are expected to touch down on Thursday and Friday.

But here in Ghana, scores of social media users welcome the development as a sign that nowhere is safe, it comes to comment after multimedia Joy News shared the story on its side of the social media.

No country is safe from God’s rains. Let’s be thankful I’m out Gh wai and let’s pray for the German state. 

We should not forget that such issues in those developed countries are normally ISOLATED cases. They come as surprise to them. However, the cases of Ghana are sheer NEGLIGENCE.

Who doesn't know that every year, including next year, Kumasi and Accra will flood? We all know. We're not a people who care for life and property. From one administration to another we keep failing our people. It's sad. 

Flood is everywhere but you can't compare Nima Borla to Cantonment Borla, I tell you they are not the same.

Twene Jonas and Ohene David should come and explain to us how come there is flooding in heaven, gyimie saa Akuma.

If this had happened in Ghana right now people with low self-esteem will start calling their country from. Nkwasiafour

Ghanaians will make a comparison out of this right now. They will say flood is even killing people in Germany. so ibi normal.

Twene Jonas is giving people headache paaa see how people are bleeding here 

their systems are working.... every one-minute biaa floods Nam "heavens" no my

Maybe Germany needs to Fixthecountry too.

Is the ghana? Why don't u joyful tells germans to fix their country shame on multimedia

Posting this does not solve our flood issue, the reason up small our problem is what concerns us.

So, therefore, Ghana politicians should not fix the country be?

Fix the country people should come and explain to us how come there is flooding in a country where everything has been fixed.

If this happens in Ghana. The government allows flood to kill 33 Ghanaians"~Erastus Asare Donkor

* Heavy rainfall kills 33 Ghanaians due to the negligence of the government. ~Joy News.

This is how far we've come so far with fake news media like Joy FM and its corrupt journalists.

Heaven on earth to dey flood. water carry heaven on earth go to

Foolish foot soldiers the word is Severe rainfall and are you fools comparing Ghana to Germany now? You go suffer whiles your party heads will be enjoying nkwasiafuo 

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