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High Tension Wahala: Man Seen Hanging On Electric Pole Finally Falls And Breaks His Leg

This world is full of surprises as a man was found on a high tension in Walewale. According to information from an eye witness the man spent a great deal of hours up there.

People gathered around and tried all means possible to convince him to come down but he gave a deaf ear to them all. Some people even thought he was mentally not okay looking at how he was behaving after he climbed the electric pole.

According to a video on social media, the man fell from the electric pole several hours later after he decided to climb up there and broke his leg. If not for the intervention of the police he would have been dead by now.

 The state in which he found himself after falling was Soo sad. From the video, his leg looked so swollen and twisted. The man who was in Soo much pain couldn't talk much as he was seen seated in the bush while a vehicle was brought later to convey him.

The cause has to be really investigated and the man dealt with accordingly as it would have ended up in a suicide case if not for their intervention.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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